All of the forms are organized into categories according to the type of free legal form. The forms can be previewed and downloaded individually. Again, please use these legal forms to gain an understanding of your needs but seek professional legal advice before taking any sort of actions. These forms are downloadable and you can customize these legal forms to fit your specific needs.    



Ease of Access
The preview version of the documents may not be formatted exactly like the Word version due to web formatting differences. We have forms pertaining to the following categories:

Business Agreements
Agreements, assignments, notice forms, lease forms, claims

Consumer Legal Forms
Credit notices, credit forms

Corporate Formalities
Board forms, incorporation forms, stock forms

Divorce Legal Forms
Child support forms, settlement agreements

Employment Legal Forms
Employee agreements, hiring forms, termination forms, employee records

Estate Legal Forms
Assignment forms, wills, trusts

Family and Children Forms
Certificates, power of attorney forms

Financial & Investment
Shareholder agreements, stock forms

Healthcare Forms
Medical record forms, POA for healthcare

Insurance Legal Forms
Beneficiay forms, life insurance forms

Landlord & Tenant Forms
Landlord documents, lease agreements, tenant forms

Legal Utilities
Arbitration agreements, settlement agreements

Life Sustaining Statutes
Life sustaining statutes

Loan Legal Forms
Lease and buy agreements, security agreement

Marriage & Partnership
Prenuptial agreement, residence sharing agreements

Media & Broadcast Forms
Advertising agreements, trademark agreements

Nonprofit Organization Forms
Articles of association

Partnership Legal Forms
Partnership agreements, partnership forms

Power of Attorney Forms
POA forms, POA revocations

Promissory Note Forms
Promissory note templates

Real Estate Contracting
Change order forms, contracting forms

Real Estate Deed Forms
Quit claim deeds, warranty deeds

Real Estate Ownership Forms
Mortgage agreements, real estate forms

Technology Legal Forms
Software development forms, technology agreements

Trust Forms
Trust amendments, revocation of trusts