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Myfreelegalforms.com has an inventory of over 400 Microsoft Word legal documents and legal forms available for free. All of the documents and forms are organized into categories. The documents below can be previewed before downloading. The preview version may be slightly different than the downloaded version due to web formatting differences. Click on the links below to preview and download the free forms and templates.

To review a complete list of documents and forms in this category see below. Click on the document link to preview and download the free legal document:

Agreement to Execute Lease & Deposit Receipt

Bank Verification

Commercial Lease, Offer to by Tenant

Employment Verification

Landlord, Consent to Assignment

Landlord, Notice to Enter Premises

Late Notice, Landlord to Tenant


Lease Amendment

Lease with Option to Purchase

Moving Information

Notice to Tenant to Leave or Pay

Property Sold, Notice to Tenant

Renew Lease, Option Notice to Landlord

Rent Increase Notice

Rental Application

Repairs Notice to Tenant

Security Deposit Refund, Request by Tenant

Sportsmans Lease

Surrender of Lease & Premises, by Tenant

Surrender of SubLease & Premises, by Tenant

Tenants Preinspection list

Waiver of Distraint(Chattel Claims)

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